• Zach Pfeifer

    Serving Bay Area music institutions, private teachers, and students by specializing in a wide array of non-instrumental musical topics.

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Music Theory

The fundamental building blocks of music, from note reading and chord progressions to augmented 6th chords and beyond.

Music Composition

Replication of the masters' styles from the year 900 to today - classical, jazz, popular (acoustic and electronic) - to develop your own style.

Ear Training

Hearing music theory as it unfolds.  Intervals, chord progressions, melodies and beyond.

Sight Singing

Working to shorten the length of time and increase the quality in which music travels from the paper to your brain and out of your instrument.

Test Prep

Preparation for the ABRSM, RCM, MTAC Certificate of Merit, and Music Theory AP with a high success rate (>90%).

Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Workstations with a specialization in Apple software, including the very accessible Garageband and its big brother, Logic.

Notation Software

Including but not limited to cloud based software (Noteflight), to freeware  (MuseScore), and the professional programs Finale and Sibelius.

  • Music Samples



Snowscape is an acoustic work for solo flute.  This piece makes use of a Hirajoshi scale, a pentatonic scale derived from Japanese folk music.

Gold Lake, Gold Sky, Fireflies


A duet for trombone and vibraphone, Gold Lake, Gold Sky, Fireflies uses the warm yet metallic sounds of the instruments to depict natural beauty.

Black Squirrel Reel


Black Squirrel Reel is an acoustic work for solo violin that incorporates elements of American Fiddle music along with 20th century techniques.

Strange Progressions No. 2


Strange Progressions 2 is part of a larger series of short, minimal works that make use of unusual chord progressions.


Endless Horizon Dawn


This piece is inspired by my gaming exploits in the dark sci-fi world of Warhammer 40K.  Here, aliens perform a sky patrol of a distant planet.

I 💖 Blondes - Intro


I 💖 Blondes is a collection of California Chill Party Music to use in the background when you're with friends. 


Children of Antiquity


An electric and acoustic blend also inspired by my gaming life.  An ancient alien species attempts to weave their own fate.


Congas Nuevas


This piece was composed as a teaching aid and sample, combining pre recorded Apple Loops with original composed music.

  • Qualifications

Community School of Music and Art


Develop curriculum and provide classes and private lessons in music theory, music history, composition, sight singing and ear training for students of all ages.  Prepare students for ABRSM, RCM, and Music AP exams.

Colorful Universe Children’s Singing Troupe


Lead and implement the advancement of sight singing, ear training and music theory among a performing group of student singers.  Provide private composition lessons.  Prepare Students for AP Music Theory, RCM, and MTAC Certificate of Merit Exams.



Develop curriculum and provide classes in music theory, music history, sight singing and ear training for Google employees.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music


Served as an instructor in the Pre-College, providing instruction and leading practice in sight singing, ear training, rhythmic performance, basic keyboard skills and music theory.

The Nueva School


Developed and implemented the curriculum for a class with a focus on the creation of electronic music in the popular genre using Garageband and Logic Pro.

Music in the Schools


Developed and implemented rudimentary music exposure classes with an emphasis on practical performance for public school students.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp


Provided instruction in music theory and history.  Developed a Music Composition program and served as instructor.


Kutztown University - BFA in Music 2006

Louisiana State University - MFA in Music Composition 2008

  • Test Prep

  • Zach has tutored and prepared students for all levels of exams for the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program (RCM), The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and The Music Teachers Association of California Certificate of Merit (CM).  In addition to these exams Zach has tutored and prepared students for the Advanced Placement Exam in Music Theory (AP Music Theory).  If possible, contact Zach at least 3 months in advance to prepare for RCM, ABRSM and CM tests and at least 6 months in advance for AP.

  • Testimonials

Zach encouraged me to explore different ideas and try new techniques, and always had advice and suggested listening that helped inspire me.

- Emil

(Zach) was uniquely excellent as a music theory teacher, very focused, very systematic and clear. The boys really enjoyed their classes with him, knowing that he was structured and enthusiastic.

- Lorna

With Zach's help, my son passed the Theory exam and was able to work towards his Grade 6 piano exam curriculum after that. Thank you Zach!

- Teresa

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Zach Pfeifer serves Bay Area music institutions, private teachers and students by specializing in a wide array of non-instrumental musical topics. Included in this: music theory, music composition, music history, ear training and sight singing proficiency and music software proficiency (most major notation programs and digital audio workstations (DAWs), including Garageband).

If you are a private lesson teacher and don’t have lesson time to provide instruction in these topics to develop your student’s abilities please contact Zach directly or refer your students.  Likewise, Zach specializes in test preparation for all levels of the ABRSM, RCM, MTAC Certificate of Merit, and the AP Music Theory Exam.

Students interested in music composition are also encouraged to contact Zach.  Zach has experience writing and teaching all styles from singer songwriter, electronica, contemporary art music (classical) and jazz.

If you want to get better at something in the world of music other than your instrument, or have a student that fits this need, please contact Zach.